~ Whispers of Spirit ~


LLYNYA~3I have been gathering stories for many years now. At first the stories were about me through the many experiences of my life. These are the outer stories of my life. They include where and when and how I grew “up”. They include the threads of my interests woven throughout my life. They include my opportunities in education which excited my passions and opened perspectives outside my previous experiences. Then came the stories of my growth and awareness through other people, places and work. Then my stories began to swirl with the threads I began calling my “spiritual” life. As my horizons expanded my awareness of who I am also expanded. I have been blessed to have people and opportunities appear in my life that again expanded my knowing and experience of myself as a Soul – as an expanded Being with many stories and threads and gifts. My own experience of the “Whispers of Spirit” have opened many pathways of wisdom for myself and for others and for sharing with all of you.

It is my wish that you too find the richness of your own stories. The knowing of who you are may expand by exploring your family tree or the passions and pathways that have always brought light to your heart and mind. Open to the possibilities and you may even find yourself exploring lineages from the Stars or some other realm or dimension. We always know in our heart what really speaks to us so listen with the ears of your heart and open to the discovery of your magnificent Self!

In my personal journey and as I support others on their path of self discovery I often receive information from guides and lineages. It is my observation that each of us has many guides that are available to help us with a myriad of things. They can be from many realms or dimensions of experience from the Angelic to the Fairy Realm. They are often our animal companions  or other spirit animal totems. They can easily be from the plant kingdom giving you the insight and perspective of the trees or the flowers in your garden. The oceans are also full of the energy and life perspective of the life that inhabits these realms. The elements also speak to us of the wisdom of fire, water, earth and air. Perhaps the stars also speak to you in the language of kindred from other star systems.

Since my special interest has been the unique characteristics and gifts of each soul’s experience, I am often given messages from soul lineages. I believe that each soul has a distinct “personality. This personality is the cumulative expression of life times following our passions, desires, gifts and challenges. I experience this essence of the soul as a beautiful light with ribbons of colors. The colors are vibrational expressions of the unique qualities of the Soul.The information offered to us from our lineages and guides brings an opportunity to appreciate more deeply who we are, how we perceive life and what makes our hearts sing with joy. We can also come to a deeper appreciation of the choices and experiences of this life.

These “Whispers of Spirit” can broaden our perception of “reality” and encourage us to explore aspects of our Selves that want expression in our lives. They bring story to those inner “callings” and passions, likes and dislikes, innate skills and gifts, and our natural experience and expectations of the world and people around us. They can open opportunities to feel and honor more deeply the gifts that we bring with us into this life. When you find yourself remembering a dream or you realize you would feel at “home” in a land you have never been to, you are opening the doors to your own stories. Thus begins the opening of the heart to the mysteries of the Self!

I will share here some of the gathering of perspectives that I have experienced. Perhaps in these stories you will find a thread that will open doors to your own inner nudging and desires. Perhaps you will feel the themes of your own lineages as they appear to you each day through conversation, books, people and all the possibilities of your daily life.

I have conversed with fairies, dragons and angels. I have listened to lineages like “The Queen”, “The Patterners”, “Oracles” and “The Guardians”. I have found a connection to Star Lineages as I have connected with Andara crystals. I am exploring the inner and outer light of Lemuria through a special Lemurian Seed Crystal which opens a gateway to a wisdom teacher from Lemuria. I have flowed through the inner light of crystals and journeyed with animal spirits. We all have these connections which are a part of our expanded consciousness and our awareness of “All that Is” expressed in such delightful diversity.

In a recent conversation with the Fairy Realm channeled through my dear friend Elizabeth Saenz, a member of the Fairy Council offered this interpretation of a favorite saying they have in the Fairy Realm. This is saying that represents what it is to be Fairy. They know and accept themselves in full trust and knowing of their individual expression of their core energy. I am sharing this here as a message of one of their fondest wishes for humanity – that we are able to also be in a place of knowing, trusting and understanding of our beauty, our strength and our unique gifts.


DSCN0042“The tree does not need to be validated to grow as tall as it needs to be …”

“The flower does not need to be told it is beautiful …”

“They just stand in their glory for all to see …”




In several of my sessions I have found many people lately who are connected to what I have been told to call the lineage of the “Guardians”.  While messages are specific to the individuals, there is an overall message from The Guardians that I will share with you’re here ~

The Guardian Lineage

The Guardians are an ancients race of beings that serve and protect many races in many forms and times and here and now they also serve and protect humanity as all of us work together to create and evolve within the cosmos and community of Beings.

Think of us in terms as you would the streams of consciousness that existed in the tales of the knights of the round table – Camelot and Arthur and of other “orders” that are known and unknown (seen and unseen – public and hidden) who have come together in “faith” and brotherhood/sisterhood (for we are male and female) to protect and guide and illustrate the light and higher consciousness of humanity and Beings across this galaxy.

It is time for those of this lineage to remember and embrace this energy – to honor its many ways of manifestation from the warriors who serve in the military, to those who come together in sacred bonds of service to the public, to those who dedicate their lives to causes and most of all, to those who own and honor this energy within themselves and bring it forth as a support in the moments of their lives as lived each day. One does not have to form or join an “order” or become a Knight. Remember what is feels like to be a Guardian for the sacred and the humane; to be a servant or protector for those whose voices are not heard, are suppressed or who have no way to express what is most needful for them in their lives.

Being a Guardian can and should manifest now in unusual ways – from walking someone across the street to starting a social movement. Sometimes in is someone who is there to let another lean on them for rest. Perhaps you will open a door of opportunity and clear the path ahead for someone in need. All life needs guardians and those who step forward to claim their soul’s voices in these times of trouble and fear need the energy of the Guardian to provide courage, support and at times protection. The heart and light of a Guardian provides courage and solace for many.

Being Lemurian

“It is time for many to feel and experience the essence that is Lemuria. For this essence is one of the main “family” lines of humanity. We who are Lemurian are from a proud race of Beings hat came from the stars to seed with other aces this beautiful planet. It is and was our wish to open the portals of our civilization, our learnings, our desires, our passions and to havethem be a part of the emerging energies upon this planet. 

As a civilization we seeded a select awareness – a set of spiritual qualities that could be accessed by other generations and by humanity as a whole. We sought to live our awareness in this form and this place as our ever emerging evolution and as a gift for this planet, for humanity and for all our futures as as the universe and All evolve and grow in the One and in the essence and experiment of creation.

We continue to exist then and now and there and here side by side and within and around. Many of us chose to stay as our civilization transformed – we choose to continue to be present by moving about the planet  and sharing ourselves and our teachings and sharing our lineage by dispersing within the larger whole of humanity. Many of us left with the changes of our homeland here. Some chose to move within the dimensions and to continue our work as teachers and guides from these planes of existence.

For you here and now must understand both the need to be in form and in a form that can connect through your own DNA resonance with us as well as the multiple other lineages that you all carry. This is so for many who resonate as Lemurian as well as having past life experience that is flowing into your awareness and affinity with Lemuria. Lemurian crystals in many places and times created with us patterns of resonance that also connect multiple lineages together. All have unique patterns as well as a core essence that unites in the heart of us.”

~ More Whispers of Spirit ~

I recently was the conduit for a conscious Jasper skull named Joshua. I was helping make the connection between him and the man who was to become his keeper. His message was about being part of a shamanic lineage that is galactic in nature as well as part of many indigenous earth cultural traditions. He shared images of energy and how it can be aligned or misaligned. Each of us is a part of our own energy system as well as connected to other parts or lineages which may have become disconnected or out of alignment. We each have the ability to open to a re-alignment which will free up our energy. One way to do this is to imagine opening to the flow of light and energy all around us like it was a flow of water washing through us. Imagine the debris being carried away so that your own “currents” run free and connected. Have fun with the images and find ways to nourish yourself in the process!

From the Fairy Realm I always hear about the importance of valuing the gifts we have as human beings. As humans we have the ability to connect with many aspects of our soul be it fairy, dragon, angel, star or any of the other myriad lineages we are a part of. In this life and realm we can bring this diversity of spirit together as part of our unique human consciousness and heritage. We all find differing paths for this process. We are led forward by our dreams and desires. We hear the call through the books, music, movies, crafts and friends and activities that we chose. We hear guidance on the street from a passing conversation. We feel home when we meet someone of similar passions and loves. These are the clues and personal gifts that bring all of your humanity forward.