~ The Dragon’s Song ~


From the perspective of my life in this moment I can see and remember that Dragons have always spoken to me. Their voices were heard through fragments of stories and dreams of flight. They whispered through longings and knowing and a sense of desire that revealed there is more to their story than how it is told. Their voices spoke to me of ancient wisdom and the wholeness that comes from appreciating the true nature of each being in creation.

DSCN0173Through the years I have been guided to wonderful stories of fantasy where glimpses of the real nature of Dragons were gleaned. I have learned to trust my intuitive sense of knowing. When something resonates as truth, I feel it in my heart and soul. A part of me relaxes and smiles and feels the rightness. Many stories have combined to bring me information about the beings we know as Dragons. They have whispered to many through the years of their true nature and it is up to us to sort through the “facts” and tales both old and new for the threads within the fabric that share the magic of Dragon Kind.

Years ago I was gifted a dream from the Dragons as a way to open my energetic channels to more clearly hear and perceive them. It was a dream of choice. It was a dream of transformation. It was a dream to remember the feeling of being in Dragon body. I can still feel the energy and freedom of the shape shifting transformation! From this experience my awareness widened and I began to sing the fullness of the energy that I had experienced. It was an awareness awakened in the very cells of my being.

Through the past few years I have further glimpsed and felt their true nature through channeled discussions and through my own connection with Dragons that continues to reveal itself to me. Dragons are beings who have for many years partnered with humans. While they most often now live in dimensions slightly apart from ours, they wander close and walk beside those of us who remember and who seek a renewed relationship. It is the time now to move beyond distorted myth created from fear and misunderstanding. It is the time to partner with other realms and beings and to discover again the true nature of Dragons along with our friends from the Realm of Fairy and other realms and lineages. It is the time to claim a relationship based on companionship, remembered connections and love.

Above all it is important to know and respect Dragons as ancient, intelligent and long lived beings. They have flown the pathways between worlds and realms and stars. They have lived upon the earth in comradeship with humans. They seek again to partner with those of us willing to remember. While containing immense physical power, they are most powerful through the energy of the heart. Dragons live from the space of unconditional love and their fondest gift to us as humans is that of self empowerment.

If you would like to explore your relationship to the Dragon Kin I can facilitate the deepening of your connection through guided meditation and opening the sacred pathways to the Dragons. Fees will vary. Contact the shop at 360-331-3696 for more information.

“We Dragons wish to connect with humanity once again. We work with the energy of being fully in your power on the Earth Plane. We work with the energy of being completely heart centered in yourself, in your power. It can be scary sometimes to face your power and embody it. There has been a lot of fear that has wrapped itself around us. Do not be afraid. We are to gently guide you, to protect you and to help all of humanity to move forward on their path. Connecting with us will help you learn your boundaries. It will help you get to that strength inside. The deep knowing of who you are and how to be solid in it. We thank you for taking these steps on the path.”

Your connection with Dragons may be a new one or one of a life- long fascination. I have discovered that we have many paths to this relationship. Some paths are from past life times, some from physical DNA and some from etheric /energy resonance that has been gifted to us. Some may be the willingness to look beyond what we have been taught about reality. While we open to the human potential we also open to relationships with other beings like Dragon Kind. Many of us have several areas of connection. If you are willing to explore them, the ways will be revealed.

It is time to step back from the fears that contain us. Our life and Soul experiences extend to many times and places both upon the earth and from the stars. This expanded awareness allows us to breathe in our wholeness and to appreciate the diversity among humanity and among many life forms. If the Dragon calls you, stop to listen and to discover your relationship. Ask for guidance into your personal power. Speak with them and they will both listen and answer!

Dragons are as diverse as we are with passions, talents and skills. My perception of their colors has taught me much about how they embrace the diversity of their soul gifts. The colors of their scales are almost multi-dimensional in nature often blending several colors that flow and mingle with a sparkling iridescence. They have shared with me that these colors are a way of expressing their soul energies like the colors of a human aura. The colors are vibrations that echo the shape and form of their passions. The colors are also of personal delight and expression like our adornments of clothing and jewelry.

Dragons are masters of inter-dimensional travel. With their ability to perceive and open the gateways they can assist with this process for humans wanting to explore paths to other realms. In the past on Earth, they also assisted with the light grid work on the planet. With the ability to alter their vibrational rate you can perhaps perceive them as the blend with structures and land masses that are more within our physical realm. They wait a time when we are ready to walk with them openly upon the earth again.

Many Dragons have the ability to shape shift and some are comfortable using this process to assume a human form. This skill of shape shifting is one that allows us to move our forms skillfully through the process of evolution. I believe that it also allows us to flow with the harmonious physical restructuring that our own physical bodies are masters of on an unconscious level. By asking for guidance with this energetic process we can become more conscious of this process thus aiding our bodies as they integrate more light and information.

Some Dragons also are masters of sound and vibration within the earth. This gift is one that allows them to, consciously and in harmony with master patterns, sing and shape energy into form especially within the crystal realm. I have my own memories of singing with my dragon partner to sing crystals into formation. This gift is also one we can ask for assistance with when working more consciously with the energy of creation and manifestation.

I also know Dragons who are master healers. As they have shared with me I can feel how they access the universal energy or life force of creation. This energy is then channeled through their physical being, through their heart and through the breath in a directed flow of energy healing. This would be similar to such modalities of energy healing like Reiki. One dear Dragon friend described this energy as the “Dragon fire”. She shared that it would be easy to interpret this healing light as “breathing fire”.

Dragons, like us, experience how form can shape perception. For, are they not often considered to be beasts or monsters because of their physical form? How many times have you heard someone speak of “slaying the dragon” as a representation of fear or something that is to be destroyed within the self? I call upon the Dragon to step further into my wisdom, the “wisdom of the ages” that lives within me as a claiming of the fullness of my Self!

This paradox of form and energy is a great reminder to look into the heart of a person or being to feel and experience their true essence. Dragons remind me to trust the mystery of creation and to trust the mystery within my very being. As I look deeply and integrate the many facets of my soul I am honored to find so much of my “family” from realms and experiences that are beyond what we conceive of to be the human experience.

As Dragon Kin and of the Oracle Line I am able to assist others in connecting to this realm and to specific dragons who are old friends and family. By holding the space and opening the pathways I guide others to their own communication with the Dragons. When in that space of awareness one is able to make their own energetic and feeling connections and to receive guidance and information. After this initial bonding I then assist in integrating the vibrations and essences of the Dragons at a cellular level. This allows you to continue to open to whatever area of experience you wish as you began to create your own dialog and personal relationship with Dragon Kind.

“We are ready to meet you. We are ready again to walk the pathways of creation together. We are ready to share our knowledge of past life times and soul gifts with you. Remember, we are partners together. One of your great gifts as a human is to be able to integrate all your soul experiences, all of your experiences as other beings in the great diversity of creation. If you wish to remember, open the door, call, and we will meet you!”



“Llynya Nya Carey is part dragon. Her knowing of them and their essence can only come from being kin to them. The ability she has to connect with the Earth and the crystals comes from this deeper wisdom that is guarded by the dragons and rationed out to a select few. Allowing her dragon fire to spark your own connection is a magical experience.”

~ Elizabeth Saenz