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Gifts at Llynya’s


“Sometimes I just swing by Llynya’s because I need the breath of fresh air that her tender space winds into my spirit. But always when I need that “special” something, a unique stone, a little something not usually found anywhere else…I head to Llynya’s. Unique. Uplifting. Always supportive.”

mary anne radmacher


I love to surround myself in beauty. I love all the wonder and magic of creation. I marvel at the possibilities. I believe that the objects that we surround ourselves with, adorn ourselves with and share with our loved ones reflect the infinite love and variety of the universe. Each color, shape, scent, word, image and sound bring to us nourishment and delight and energy that supports us. Each of us are drawn to certain colors and styles in our homes. We love different dress and jewelry. When we think of others we think of what delights them – what makes them smile and feel good.

I chose gifts that make me feel good and that I feel will bring beauty and inspiration into your home and life. I look for naturally made products and smaller crafters who make their items by hand. I have several products made from small businesses around the country such as candles, jewelry,sun catchers, journals, incense and cards. Most of my crystals and stones I select by hand. I feel the energy that flows from gifts and objects. I love to know the story of the artist; the company; the image. 


DSCN0136I believe that gifts and objects carry their own energy and potential to create sacred space in our lives, in our homes, for the support of someone we care for or for us to celebrate our own personal expression each day. We enjoy different scents, sounds, colors and personal adornment. Our personal spaces fill with art and objects that bring to us a sense of peace and an individual connection to spirit. Books and cards encourage us with inspirational thoughts that inform and enlighten! Naturally scented candles and incense fill our homes with comfort.

Buddhas sit next to meditating frogs, turtles and even dragons. Hanging crystals combine with chimes to bring sound and rainbows that dance together. Jewelry shares the healing energy of stones and crystals with the desire of the maker to bring energy and life to the one who wears the piece. Journals offer inspiring words to encourage you to let the thoughts of your heart flow onto the pages. Music soothes and uplifts to support bringing peace and relaxation any time of the day. 

Whether choosing a gift for yourself or for another, a visit to Llynya’s will be a delight to the senses!



Jewelry and Personal Adornment 

How we dress and adorn is so much a part of honoring ourselves. It is our personal statement of feeling, color and style. We express our inner natures in a way that makes us feel good. One could say that each day we create our own personal altar as we dress and select color and adornment. When we are conscious about our choices we can bring harmony into our personal sphere. The colors enhance us. The styles share our desires. Jewelry brings the energy of stone and mineral to support our own personal energy.

Kristin Ford Jewelry With Meaning

Kristin Ford has been Llynya’s featured jewelry artist since 1996. “With timeless appreciation and respect for stones, Kristin Ford creates jewelry with priceless treasures collected around the world. Capturing spiritual practices and experiences from many cultures each piece of jewelry is revealed to her in meditation and completed with the healing vibrations of each stone. Every finished work is offered as an expression of love, hope and peace.”

Kristin has a magical relationship to her stones. They are always selected with a sense of love and appreciation for the vibrational healing aligned within each stone. Many of my customers return again and again to select pieces for themselves or as gifts for another because the jewelry is so full of clear and loving energy and each piece is such a beautiful creation full of light and magic! Each creation comes with a tag describing the energies of the stones which have been selected.

Kristin newOther jewelry is also selected because of the quality of the stones and designs. The energy of the stones and often the design can enhance your personal connection to spirit. Stones are selected for their healing qualities when customers want to support their personal path of healing or share an energy with another. Perhaps a piece of rose quartz for nurturing or amethyst for inner peace. Other local artists also often have their creations at Llynya’s. Many are one of a kind pieces made with love for the stones and a desire to share their beauty with others. We also have one of a kind hand blown glass bead pendants from local artist Jody Bone. You will find the new and unusual when you shop here for that special piece not seen any where else.

DSCN0257Llynya’s also carries a wonderful selection of scarves. This is a great way to have fun with color and style. You can play with the soft fabrics and fun designs which are new throughout the year. You might even enjoy playing with our “fairy dust”. A few sparkles go a long way in sharing delight in the world. Many times whole families leave the shop with glitter adorning them head to toe!





Books, cards, music and journals

These gifts all are selected for their ability to inspire with new ideas. Cards bring joy to someone with their color, design and thoughtful words.The music is often restful for meditation and relaxation. The musical artists bring sacred chants and sounds to life in your home. This creates a sense of the sacred around you as you nourish yourself with harmony. Books can inspire us with new ideas or connection to ancient wisdom. Oracle cards and tarot decks open our own inner vision and intuitive wisdom. We can delight in a thought to carry with us through the day. We can explore new ideas and ways to go deeper into our own wisdom and insight. Journals are always fun for a gift or to carry with you. Perhaps you will record your dreams or your wisdom to share with others. Perhaps they will become the pathway to your own awakening.

Candles and Incense 

DSCN0152A delightfuway to bring harmony and a sense of your own personal sacred into your home is with the power of scent and the use of color. Most candles are scented with natural essential oils and are often soy or beeswax to support your environment. There are small candles in a variety of colors that can be used for festivals and rituals. Other candles like those from Coventry Creations are already made to support certain energies with their color and scent. You can use a candle to support abundance, healing, protection and other special qualities. Beautiful glass holders help create a magical play with light throughout the year. These are also great items for creating a personal altar in your home. By bringing your attention and intention together with light and scent you invoke the support of the universe.



Iamtra mugsInspired Gifts

New and unusual gifts are found in many places. Artists around the country are the most amazing creators of beauty and magic. Many of the gifts in the shop are from artisans who have followed their vision for making something that enhances your life and home. When you come to the shop there are hand made items like the offering bowls from DeBaun Fine Ceramics along with cups and mugs with inspiring affirmations from IamTra. Our local Bellingham, WA artist Jody Bergsma has her original art on mugs, wall plaques and cards. Original icon art is available from Sofia Christine and Christina Miller. Prayer flags and banners come from the Oregon company Touch the Earth along with the traditional prayer flags of Tibet. There is always a selection of smaller wind chimes and crystal prisms. These bring sound and light into your home. The prisms bring the magic of dancing rainbows and joy to lighten any heart.

Crystals and Stones

Lemurian pointOne of my greatest passions are crystals and stones. They have touched my life since I was a child with their beauty and mystery. How many of us as children come home with treasure in our pockets of stones that spoke to us of color and line and form or just because they felt so good to our hearts? Llynya’s is always filled with crystals and polished stones and minerals. I find they bring joy due to their nature and color. The crystals bring inspiration and awe with the awareness of their earth grown beauty and diversity of color and form. They are here to enjoy first and then for those who want to learn more about vibration and color they are here to support personal healing. There are books that share the insights of those who have learned from the stones what their color, vibration and personal messages are. It is always a personal journey when selecting a crystal for yourself or another so take the time to explore and feel what they have to say to you though feelings or thoughts or body awareness.

New at Llynya’s

There are new books, oracle cards, journals and a fine new selection of cards. From Jody Bergsma we have a selection of her art amethyst altars 2cards with inspirational sayings that are already matted so they can easily be slipped into a frame after giving. I have found soy tea lights made by an artist back east that burn 6-7 hours! They come in both unscented and two naturally scented varieties.  Just arrived is more incense and sage for smudging. There are  beeswax candles from Nature’s Essence. I have some wonderful new stones and crystals. There is a collection of amethyst geodes which are cut in a way that they make a beautiful center piece or focal point for an altar. The amethyst brings a sweet peaceful energy to your home. Also new in the shop are more Lemurian crystals some of which are golden healers. If you want to wear some amazing stones check out the new collection of jewelry from Kristin Ford. So much here for the lover of beauty and crystal magic!