May the Wind Blow...

Gently through your Soul...

To Awaken the Magic Within


Welcome to Llynya’s

~ Purveyor of Sacred Gifts ~

DSCN0212“As you enter here, imagine for a moment that all your pathways of spirit weave and spiral together creating a magnificent tapestry for you to discover. Open to Wisdom, Words and People that touch your heart. Walk the path that opens before you every day in Wonder!”
Llynya’s is located in Freeland, WA on beautiful Whidbey Island. I opened the shop with the desire to share with others my love of spirit in all forms. We feel connected to many ancient expressions of the sacred here. We feel connected to other Realms of experience such as the Angelic and Fairy. We explore ways to connect to our own spiritual selves as well as our connection to community both local and global. Our community is diverse with spiritual explorers, creators of art, alternative wellness practitioners, gardens of beauty, fresh produce and new innovations. This is a place where people come to connect more deeply to their soul’s path.


~ A Sanctuary for the Spirit ~

Lynya’s is both a “Purveyor of Sacred Gifts” and a “Sanctuary for the Spirit”. We opened in 1999 with a dedication to creating a space that welcomed and celebrated the diverse paths of spirit. My vision is that Llynya’s is a living experience of the Sacred. I believe the Sacred is our experience of the energy of the divine seen and felt through both gifts and objects and the feeling of a space that is welcoming, supportive to the individual and inspiring to the spirit. This sense of the sacred is also expressed in the sharing and connection with others. Customers experience a sense of peace throughout the shop and often come in to connect to the feeling and sense of sanctuary. Customers also come for the diverse selection of gifts from around the country that are selected for their ability to nurture with a sense of delight and joy.


DSCN0150“I feel the magic of Llynya’s immediately when I walk through the door of the shop. It is like entering another world; a world filled with love, holiness and beauty. Llynya’s is my “go to” for sacred gifts and tools, cards, music and adornment. Llynya frequently has healers at the shop who offer readings, energy work and spiritual counseling. Truly a one-stop package of upliftment for the soul! Sometimes I go to Llynya’s just to be in the positive energy! It is like a beacon to me of light and love.”

Melinda Mack


Customers are welcome to enjoy the space and to rest and relax while they visit the shop. Llynya often assists with the selection of gifts including items to enhance your home, your own nurturing, or in finding something to support a loved one on their own personal journey. Many customers come looking for that special candle, a crystal or gemstone jewelry with just the right color or energetic quality that will bring a little magic and wonder into life.

Llynya finds gifts from artists and companies from around the country that are created to inspire and to bring beauty into your life. Many are connected to sustainable sourcing such as Tree Free cards. You may find a hand made sun catcher from Florida next to a crystal from Brazil and a journal from Seattle. Explore Sacred Gifts to find the variety of items found here. If you want to know more about Crystals and Stones please read their message to us and look for updates on new finds in the shop.


~ A Path of Discovery ~


Llynya’s is a place where you can explore local community resources including readers, teachers and alternative wellness services. Readers and healers can assist with life transitions and personal insight. Our classes and gatherings always at their core support personal empowerment. Each month we have a Calendar of offerings to explore. Classes bring the opportunity to learn new skills. What is your soul’s path? Together we can always learn something new. You can explore Whispers of Spirit messages from other lineages and realms or dive deep into the experience of the Dragon Kin, crystals or Darden the crystal skull.

If you are interested in learning more about your spiritual perspective and lineages and the awakening of your soul’s essence, Llynya is available for SoulLight sessions. These sessions combine Reiki for deep relaxation along with guided meditations created specifically for you to assist in connecting with your own intuitive wisdom. Sound enhances this experience through the use of a singing bowl and musical selections designed to gently relax and nourish the spirit. If you are interested in the ancient wisdom of the crystal skulls you can explore sessions with Darden the conscious Smokey Quartz Crystal Skull both privately and in a group.

You are also invited to visit some of Llynya’s favorite People and Places. These are some of the many wonderful people and places that I have been privileged to meet on my journey. You are welcome to contact us for questions regarding wellness services or for finding that special gift for yourself or a loved one. Let us know if you are looking for a special crystal or stone to support you on your journey. You can also sign up for regular email updates from Llynya’s. These updates share the schedule of events, new items and gifts, and occasional inspirational thoughts.


DSCN0184“It is my hope that as we learn from the diversity of Spirit we also then connect with all that we share in common through our hopes, dreams and desires to create a life that is joy-filled for ourselves, our families and our communities. It is time to honor the passions of our Soul. May that lead us to true peace and to connection to All That Is!”

Namaste ~ Llynya


Llynya’s address is 1679 Main Street, Suite C in Freeland, WA. The shop is located at the corner of Harbor and Main streets. It is across the street from US Bank and tucked next to Charmer’s Bistro restaurant. There is a beautiful garden space to welcome you into the shop. We are open Tuesday through Saturday, 12 – 5 PM. Special arrangements can be made to open at other times for your convenience. Llynya’s sessions are scheduled for the morning hours before the shop opens. Most classes are held in the evenings or on Sunday afternoons. Saturday’s usually have one or two readers available in the shop for private sessions. Llynya’s phone number is 360-331-3696.

I would like to thank two people for their permission to use their art here at Llynya’s ~

Micah Petrich’s inspired Dragon is flying with light and love as part of my logo. The dragon energy has been a loving part of my life and infuses the shop with the mystery of personal empowerment from love. They remind us to fly filled with the wisdom of our own spirit.

Amy Brown has graciously given me permission to use Water Lily whose energy has supported me and the shop since opening in 1999. Water Lily brings the magic and loving grace of the Fairy Realm to greet all of you as you enter the shop. She reminds us of the magic and light that lives within us.