~ At Llynyas ~

Resources for the Spirit


Resources and gifts at Llynya’s are selected for their beauty and reflection of spirit. I find items that are created with love, with a relationship to different paths of spirit and often that are made by single artists or small businesses both here and around the world. I want something or someone to be available to you that enhances and empowers and above all brings a sense of joy and delight.  I sense the energy of piece whether a handmade item from artists around the country or crafted within a larger company. Everything carries the energy of a vision in an artist’s eye. This energy becomes a unique energy resource that can assist you in creating an area of sacred space in both your home and work environments. Personal objects like jewelry are also selected for their ability to support your own energy and well being.

Finding objects that make you feel comfortable is a great way to allow you time to open to your own intuitive spiritual wisdom and insight. Books open you to ideas and assist you in exploring your passions and interests. Music brings peace and joy to the spirit. Scents and color enhance personal and environmental energy through vibrations and feelings. Objects like statues and stones and crystals help you connect to symbols that nourish your personal path of spirit. Handmade gifts offer something unusual and special as a gift for someone in your life.



What colors and scents make you feel good? Does the image of a Buddha or Madonna or Fairy or a Dragon or an Angel or something else bring you a sense of inner knowing or desire to explore more? What about an inspirational saying or a crystal or a stone? What brings you a sense of joy – a sense of “Yes”?

Llynya can assist you in finding just the right gift. We talk about you and the person. We combine our intuitive knowing to select what will bring joy and healing to another. Perhaps the need for protection is something to support and nourish the heart. A ritual or prayer comes from your intent and needs no formula.

Bringing any combination of these into your home or wearing them on your person can support you feeling centered and relaxed. They can remind you how and when your feel “right” in the world and with your Self. Connecting with a class, meeting an artist or author or selecting a reader or healer to see are all resources available to you through the many connections and opportunities at Llynya’s.

People are a potent resource both through Llynya’s and in life. I experience wonder over the many times I have witnessed the connections through conversations that happen in the shop as people come in to visit and shop. So many times someone has been available to offer information, another connection or gentle support for someone in fear or grief. The individual readers and healers are always happy to help you explore what services are right for you. Classes provide opportunity to meet other like minded people, learn new skills or open to new possibilities.

Llynya’s has a resource corner in the shop with additional information from local classes and events. Other alternative wellness practitioners also have their contact information available. Llynya is also aware of resources in the community that may be supportive to your needs.

You can explore more gifts on the Sacred Gifts page. Coming Events will give you more information about individuals who are available for private consultation through Llynya’s. People and Places will give you more information about many of the people and places that have and continue to inspire me!