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LlynyDSCN0053a’s offers a monthly calendar of events which includes classes, special events and individual privates sessions. Future events and classes where the date is known are listed after the monthly calendar. More detailed information about the individuals offering services through Llynya’s is available on the Events page. 

To schedule a service or to register for a class or event you can call the shop at 360-331-3696. You can also contact each individual to discuss their services in more detail. Their contact information is listed both under Events and under People and Places. More information is also often available at the shop. Llynya can also offer insight into the particular service such as a tarot reading, psychic reading or energy healing. If you would like to receive updates from Llynya’s including the monthly schedule of events please sign up through the Contact page.



Llynya’s Events March 2018


1679 Main Ste C, Freeland, WA ~ 360-331-3696


March is the month of the Spring Equinox. The energy of growth and creation is yearning to be nourished with the light and magic of the earth and the soul. Encourage the seeds of your intent with the magic of your dreams. Ask for the light of spirit to fill your life and let your imagination soar!  Allow the energy of the sun, the movement of the clouds, the rains and the flow of the winds to remind us that the time of new growth is here. Our spirit wants the freedom to celebrate all that we are. We are joy, loss, love, sorrow, generosity, fear and beautiful in it all!  As we move through our days we naturally share our light with all around us like ripples of sunlight on water or the whisper of the wind through the trees. We can also share our light with action and involvement in our communities and by supporting those values and ideas that are our passions.There is always the promise of deep inner transformation as we explore the changes of light and energy around and within us.  Whidbey Island has a way of supporting the inner journey of the soul and people are called to this wonder filled place every day for their own personal experience of this energy.

There are many ways to clarify our wishes with our passions and allow our focus to be on what we most what to bring into our lives.  What we put our intention on brings nourishment to our heart as we walk our life path. Remember to take a moment and light your inner fire to nourish the seeds of your desires of the Heart!  Let the sun and the earth nourish all your dreams as you watch the dreams of the earth bring new life and growth to the planet. With challenges come the opportunity for growth and change. We feel the deep impulses to find and celebrate our core values and passions. Make the choice in each moment to nourish your passions and find the time to listen to your heart!  You can write your thoughts down, draw your ideas or have fun singing your desires to the sky! Look for events where you can create your own story using your inner wisdom as a guide. Celebrate the artists who bring beauty into form. Readers can also bring insight to your process. Check the schedule for someone you might like to work with and remember the great opportunity to connect with these great healers and readers throughout the month at Llynya’s. Be soothed with energy healing, enlightened with a special reader or astrology session. 

The shop also offers many opportunities to explore your path. There are new gifts offerings and some great sales still available in the shop.  This is a great time to still find gifts or to bring home candles, incense, crystals or something just as magical to nourish you as you step into the new year. Have you ever thought of creating a new altar dedicated to what you value for yourself and for the world? New candles and tea lights offer the joy of light in our homes. There are new oracle decks and new jewelry for beauty and insight. Books and oracle decks assist with new ideas. Journals help you share your thoughts and dreams. Crystals can support your inner and outer journey with their beauty, grace and vibration. Objects like the Zen Meditating animals bring an energy of peace and serenity. There are many wonderful  gifts to nourish your spirit or that of someone you love. Perhaps you will find a special object, piece of jewelry or even a scent that opens your path ahead.



March 2018 Events Calendar

Call 360-331-3696

or drop by for more information 


Llynya is available for Sacred Soul Sessions including channeled messages from your crystals, guides and soul lineages and both private and group sessions with Darden a conscious crystal skull. I receive  messages from spirit and your guides and include guided meditations to support your own insight and intuitive wisdom. Reiki energy healing sessions also available by appointment. Each person has a soul story that reflects who you are and each of you can connect with this inner voice of wisdom. Crystals also are ancient beings full of wisdom. They too have a story and a message for you. Darden is a gentle being whose energy supports you in your highest and best good at all times. The Crystal Sanctuary Room is available for reflective meditation. Do you want to explore your soul lineages or connect with your angels and guides?  Please call the shop to schedule.     

Wednesdays  ~ Gretchen Lawlor is available for Astrology Sessions Wednesdays at Llynya’s to new and ongoing clients. Gretchen offers focused 1 hour in depth Astrology sessions. Fee $75.  

Fridays by Appointment ~ 12 – 5 PM ~ Numerology Charting and/or Intuitive Oracle Channeled Readings with Sandra Rodman .  $45 for 45 minutes, $60 for 60 – 90 minutes. (note description for March 3rd with Sandra)

March 1 & 29th, 12 – 5 PM  ~ Voice for Love Sessions with Melinda. Experience an open communication with Spirit filled loving support and guidance.  Melinda also offers Access Bars energy sessions which gently assist in releasing old emotional patterns. Fee – $60

March 3, 12 – 5 PM  or ~ Full Numerology Charting and Intuitive Readings to discover inherent abilities and possible Life Pathways, Karmic Challenges. Or: Check names for a new baby, new projects, books, art. And: “Grandmother From Another Planet” Live Channeled Intuitive Oracle Readings and Automatic Writing are available.  $45 for 45 minutes, $60 for 60 – 90 minutes.  Sandra Rodman – Press/Bio, 

March 9th, 6:15 – 8:45 pm. Like a mini Psychic Faire. “Learn & Practice Doing Intuitive Readings for Others and for Yourself.” Step-by-step techniques and deep sound meditation to increase “higher creative intuition” and practical problem-solving. Share readings together as a Group while expanding intuition and abilities to “read” situations, create new solutions. Automatic Writing/Scripting and Symbol Reading Techniques from Right Brain Aerobics created by Sandra Rodman, Founder.  $15 or your Contribution. Reserve! Sandra at 425-214-2926.

March 10 & 31, 12 – 5 PM ~ Tarot Readings with Drew Loehr. Drew has a welcoming style and as an intuitive he uses many ways to see the future, the past and the present.      Fee – $1/min

March 16, 6:30 – 8:00 PM ~ Mystic Sounds Concert to Celebrate the New Moon and the coming Spring Equinox. Join Karen Calhoun and Llynya and immerse yourself in the healing sounds of Tibetan Bowls and Hand Pan as we honor the magic and hope of new life! Fee – $10

 March 17 , 12 – 5 PM ~ “Reconnective Healing® energy sessions offered by Tere Baker, M.Ed. “Reconnective Healing® promotes the restoration of natural harmony and well-being … reconnecting us to who we truly are and intended to be. 40 minutes/$45 /returning clients receive $5 discount

March 23, 7-8:30 PM ~ Take a meditative journey with the crystals. Explore the deep knowing of crystals and stones to guide your own inner wisdom. Meditation and discussion with Llynya. Fee – $10 

March 24, 12 – 1:30 PM ~ Reiki for People and Animals Workshop with Kelly Glab. Includes insights into communication with animals. Bring photos for those needing Reiki healing. $20 – Reiki sessions for you or your animals can be scheduled from 1:30 – 5 PM – $10/15 min, $20/30 min, $40/60 min

March 30th, 6:15 – 8:45 pm. “An Evening of Channeled Messages with Grandmother from Another Planet.” with Sandra Rodman. Live Channeled “Messages from Grandmother.” Like “Live Streaming” from higher dimensions?  Plus “Star Talk”: Can planetary/star consciousness meditations increase intuition? “Ask Grandmother” any question. $15 or your contribution. Reserve! Call Llynya’s or contact Sandra at 425-214-2926. Sample Audio Messages:

By appointment  ~ Psychic Readings with Tonya. Fee $1 per minute/Tonya offers channeled messages through automatic writing. Fee – $1/minute






March Message ~ “We are in the month of the Spring Equinox – a time of balance. Time for your seeds to feel your deep nourishing breath! Creation happens within you first and then without you into the world and your community.   Renew and love the beauty of who you are. Bring the deep dark mystery of the earth nurturing the seeds of your dreams and desires.  Gather to you that which inspires you!  Imagine where you want to go. Release the old to prepare for the new. Offer your dreams, hopes and desires as prayers for a future that honors and values all living beings. Each day brings a sacred flow from spirit. Look for affirmations from the people you meet and the places you explore. Imagine all that makes your heart sing!

At Llynya’s you can explore crystals, energy healing sessions, astrology, classes and concerts. Remember to take a moment to breathe deeply and just be. This opens space for your dreams to emerge! This takes deep listening to our hearts and the willingness to change and experience new ways of being.  Imagine all that you want to create and pour your loving care into each seed for your future. Listen to your heart and soul as they guide you each day. They will bring ideas, thoughts, inspirations and opportunities for your personal inner spirit to soar. Always celebrate your own unique song for it brings harmony to the Song of All that Is.”