Voices of Infinite Wisdom

and Grace



DSCN0082Crystals and stones are very precious to me and are one of the lineages that are woven throughout the healing energy and resources I offer at Llynya’s and my SoulLight sessions. My lineage as an Oracle calls upon their beauty and vibrations to open doorways that support individuals on their life path. As I look back over the years I find their energy to be woven throughout my life as friends and companions. As I look forward I see that the magic of their wisdom and voices is just beginning to flower.

As a small child I could be found looking at the ground for unusual stones. I could spend hours shifting through pebbles in a creek at camp finding all sorts of agates that filled my pockets! As I found beaches, I could spend hours wandering looking at the colors and textures of so many stone voices that called to me. And, as a 30 something I found my first shop filled with crystals! I can still remember the agony of wondering if and what I should purchase. This was my first exposure to crystals and stones from around the world and I was captivated by their beauty. I know now that my love for them and stones and minerals of all kinds was a loving reconnection from many life times that was calling me back to them.

Sometimes I feel like one of the stories of raven and crow filled with desire at every sparkle of beauty I see. Perhaps the stories of my favorite friends the dragons who love their stones and crystals and the beautifully made art of people has its truth in the loving care that dragons take of the crystals as they grow within the earth. Whatever the multiple connections I have to crystals and stones it is sure that I have come to appreciate not only their endless beauty but also their wisdom and grace as they partner with humanity.

Through the years at Llynya’s I have seen, bought and sold many crystals and gem stones made into jewelry and adornments of all kinds. After all these years I am still fascinated with the unique beauty and voice of each crystal and stone. I love helping customers find just the right stone for them or as a gift. I now also know that all these beautiful stones and crystals have been speaking to me for years often with a gentle nudge of knowing as I assist someone. It is more than the “technical knowledge” found in the many books about crystals. It is the knowing that comes from the heart and the voice and desire of each crystal to connect with people.




“For mDSCN0158any years I have had a deep connection with crystals and have used them extensively in my work and meditations. Naturally I am always seeking powerful and beautiful crystals to work with and I am never disappointed by the crystals I find at Llynya’s shop. She has an almost uncanny ability to not only select amazing stones for her store but she is also able to lead me to exactly the crystal that I am seeking in the moment. Her great respect and love for the crystals shows in the way she treats them and talks about them. I have bought crystals of all sizes and varieties from her over the past 10 years and I have always loved them all.”

Donna Baverman, ThetaHealing



A channeled message from the Crystal Realm ~


“As you know, the crystalline life is indigenous to many worlds. So we of the Crystal Realm of Being want you to know that many of you have connected with us in many times and many ways and as such that is why so many of you are drawn to work with us now. We also are calling those who have had little connection in other lives because like so many of the other realms we are wanting to connect with people as partners in the evolving earth and to teach you by experience how you can explore your own resonant natures and your great diversity. You can explore your multi-dimensional selves and the way your bodies/ cells/DNA store information, patterns and memory. You can also explore how fascinating and diverse life can be as you look at our reflections and our amazing diversity even within one “kingdom” so to speak of one group of minerals or crystals.

We would ask that you enjoy whatever stone or crystal you are drawn to and allow us to be companions for fun, play or deep exploration, of other realms and life times and worlds and memories and soul awakening. Use us to bring resonant energy into your lives for health and healing, for growth and pure beauty to enjoy. If you can enjoy our beauty you can enjoy and celebrate your own.



LlynDSCN0006ya is a crystal singer and as such she can also listen to us for messages of introduction to you if you want to find a path of meaning in relationship for yourself or for another to whom you would gift one of us. Remember the message is an introduction so that you can let your own resonance open to our communication. Know that the language is of the soul and we want you to honor it in all the ways it can show itself – images, words, feelings – let it be and come to meet us!

We call ourselves the people of the rainbow for within our structure – our very Being – is a river of light and love that contains all the resonant signatures of the living universe. In our aspect of light that is in form we allow all to see this beauty in a “solid” state. From this relationship of being seen and appreciated you can then feel and vibrate with those energies that you are most aligned with or that you must need to entrain with to support or alter you own soul’s signature. Remember, it is the feeling that counts and feeling can be perceived in any way including and most appreciated by us – PURE DELIGHT!

PURE DELIGHT reminds you of how God and the universe perceive you. We are partners with human kind and we support your own crystalline matrix that allows your harmonies to sync and to sing together. Enjoy the light and form of our Being. Allow us to be present in your life for from the smallest stone to the most cathedral of crystals we all are one with you in harmony. Please, allow your souls to sing with life, love and the BEAUTY OF CREATION!”

DSCN0021It is my great pleasure to partner you with such loving beauty from the earth. I am called to a special collection of stones and crystals that find their way to me. I also have jewelry at Llynya’s that is alive with the magic of gemstones whose harmony can assist you with feelings of joy, beauty and personal alignment. In SoulLight sessions certain crystals may ask to assist you on your journey.

This loving living beauty from the earth is most happy to be in community and connection with us. Maybe you will find a stone for your pocket, jewelry to grace your being, or a crystal to light your inner fire. Remember too that each one has a story to tell and together we can listen for what they have to share with you!


DSCN0293When you stop in to visit at Llynya’s ask to see what is new or unique in the among the crystals and minerals. On hand most of the time are a variety of Lemurians and golden healers along with larger pieces of Smokey Elestials and often natural citrine quartz. Smaller stones are available for the pocket or a simple gift of magic for a friend. Let them guide you and I will be happy to assist you in listening to their message and learning more about their natural properties. A crystal can magnify the energy and light you want as a support to you, family and friends, and special spaces like your home and place of work. They are also great to bring to focus the energy of a sacred altar or a gentle healing presence (such as rose quartz) to a friend in need.


Channeled messages are available for crystals purchased at Llynya’s. Channeled messages can also be done for your for crystals that are already in you personal collection. A message can also be obtained for crystals purchased as a gift for another person. I have found that each crystal always has a special message of connection. Along with their specific properties and healing energies they always have a unique relationship with their owner companions. They love being with people and want to offer their gifts to support each of us on our path. Channeled messages are $40.

A Special Message from Lemurian Crystals ~

“There has been a lot already written and shared about us – the crystals called Lemurian. All this information is good and helpful. You also know that each of us like all crystal Beings has our own unique story to share. Our story comes from your own Being and expression as does the life and soul story of each person.

We as families share common characteristics – share common vibrations and tones. We also share our own unique life stories from our experiences and unique vibrational patterns of light. We also share a unique story of relationship when we come to a specific person. Our energies then match and transform as we connect with the energy of another and a new matrix of light is then formed in the process.golden healer Lemurians

You as living Beings of energy are doorways creating a new matrix of light and energy as you have experiences, as you gain insight, as you live each day, as you make choices, as you learn more of your soul and your relationship to your karmic patterns and as you love. It is this aspect of love experienced, remembered and created that we Lemurian crystals relate to and resonate most deeply with. 

The heart of our experience – the heart of our energy – the heart of our knowing is Love.  Love that is the grace of light at the center of all things – the center of all creation. Our story now in this time – the story over-lighting all stories – is our presence for humanity at a time when there is a return to the heart and the knowing of deep love at the center of all life and all experience.

When we come into a person’s life our primary offering is to quietly and gently massage the opening of love at the heart of each Being. To know this love is to be within the peaceful embrace of the creator at all times. When you choose one or more of us to be in your life you are choosing to journey more deeply into your own story. You are choosing to open doors and memories of past pain and fear that is needing release and forgiveness. You are choosing to experience your own grace and beauty of form expressed through this heart and light of your soul here and now. 

Opening this light opens the song of creation for all life in the universe to hear, to rejoice, and to create more divine light. Allow us to walk this path with you for it is our destiny, our choice and our story to be with you in this mutual path of discovery.