~The Wandering Path of Spirit ~

People and Places Along the Way



DSCN0175Each of us has a path of spirit that calls us forward. We are in a time of remembering who we are as humans and as individuals on this Earth. Most of our paths wander as ideas, skills and gifts reveal themselves over time. Each of us is a gorgeous braid of light and color containing the resonant signatures of our Soul. Often it is the people and ideas around us that help us discover the beauty of who we are. We only need take the time to feel where our longings and interests take us. Where do you feel your joy?

I am continually en-Lightened in my spirit by the wonderful people, places,spaces and creations of beauty I have met along my own path of spirit.  Their spirit is an inspiration to me. We come from so much diversity yet our spiritual yearnings and gifts bring us only closer together. These are some of the people that have inspired me. These people include business neighbors, artists, poets, teachers and healers and always, the wonderful people who are my customers and friends. They offer gifts and perspectives of the spirit that have widened my own. They offer services that support the growth of the soul and bring beauty into our lives.

 As you awaken to your own special gifts and perspectives you many find some of these people and their offerings a place to stop and explore. Use your heart as a guide for it will nudge you to those people and ideas that will support your own wisdom and awareness. Here is one way I can share many of these people with you. Perhaps their art, places of business or service will be a next step on your journey. Each moment in our lives brings with it the opportunity to change and grow, to become more fully awake, alive and aware of who we are. The path is always open. Let your loves and desires become your guide.


Resources for Awakening the Heart


These wonderful people have touched my life and many others with magic, insight and graceful healing! Here there are many paths and perspectives that awaken, nourish and uplift the spirit.


Elizabeth Saenz – The Expanded Gateway – Reiki, Theta Healing, Fairy Activations, Author – “I have found Liz’s sessions to be personally empowering and enlightening. Her ability to channel the Fairy Realm is a profound experience!” Llynya

360-929-7136, Elizabeth@theexpanedgateway.com, www.theexpandedgateway.com  


Tonya Michele – Intuitives LeDeux – Intuitive Readings and Clearings. Tonya offers clairaudient Psychic Readings With Your Guides, Automatic Writing, Dowsing. Explore messages about health, relationships, finances. Also available for messages from your loved ones.  “Tonya has a great wisdom and a deep connection to your personal guides and angels. Each reading has opened doors of insight and expansion!” Llynya



Liz Walters Syreen, M.Ac.,L.Ac. – Dancing Crane Healing Center – Sound Healing, Acupuncture, Herbs – “I absolutely love a sound healing session which always supports my personal healing path and brings me a great sense of peace and wholeness.” Llynya



Roni MacGrigor – Spiritual Dimensions – Tarot, Energy Clearing – “Roni brings years of experience and intuitive insight to her readings and clearings with the goal of gaining personal wisdom about your current life situation. Each reading brings a sense of wholeness of the energies surrounding you and supporting you!” Llynya



Sandra H. Rodman – Teacher, Author, Innovator, Interdimensional Communication Coach, Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection created by Dr. Eric Pearl – “Sandra has an amazing ability to bring an expanded consciousness to her sessions. She weaves many paths and talents together as both healer and teacher.” Llynya

425-214-2926, sandra@rightbrainaerobics.com,  www.rightbrainaerobics.com


Elke Siller Macartney – Spiritual Guidance Counselor, Aura Seer (Aura Portraits), Wedding Celebrant, Author – “Elke has an incredible gift of sight. She sees the dimensional flow of the aura/energy that surrounds all living things. I always experience an awareness of my Authentic Self when having a session with Elke.” Llynya

360-770-7831, elke@inspirationu.com, www.elkespage.com


Ame Seelow – Crystal Clear – Animal Intuitive/Whisperer, Crystal Energy Work, Reiki – “I experience gentle energy and wisdom from my guides in every session. Animals love her and are so eager to share they follow her on the street!” Llynya



Sue Averett – Reiki Master, Author, Artist – Sessions and Classes – “Sue is a powerful Reiki healer and a great teacher. She brings unconditional love to every session!” Llynya

360-331-3393, reiki4innerpeace@yahoo.com 


Melinda Mack – “The Voice for Love” – Sessions experienced through the divine love of the Holy Spirit bring forth messages of love and guidance that are uplifting, clarifying and meant to restore you to the Mind and Heart of Love. “Melinda’s sessions bring an expanded sense of peace and connection to the Divine.” Llynya



Jangaard Clinic – Robert Jangaard, ND and Hans Jangaard, ND – We integrate modern scientific advances of Western medicine, Bio Energetic methods of German functional medicine and the traditional healing arts of Naturopathic medicine. “The people of the Jangaard Clinic are some of the most wonderful human beings you will ever meet. They care for the whole person body and soul and always welcome you with a smile!” Llynya

360-331-6470, www.jangaardclinic.com 


Sheila Belanger – Soulcraft Programs – “Sheila combines years of wisdom with a great sense of humor all with the intent that each person becomes more empowered and aware of Self!” Llynya

360-321-4161, www.astrocyclestalk.com



Nancy Robert – Astrology, Numerology, Chakra/Auric Reading – “Nancy is a wise soul who shares loving empowerment in her sessions.” Llynya

360-221-5408, nrobert@whidbey.com  


Darlene Marie – Intuitive Sessons, Energy Clearings, Chakra Readings & Clearings.“Darlene’s clearings are a tonic for the spirit – rich in images and gentle support for your personal journey.” Llynya



Elizabeth Frediani – Astrology, Classes, Subtle Energy Healing, Author -“Elizabeth is a master energy healer and one very wise woman!” Llynya

360-730-1370, Elizabeth@elizabethfrediani.com, www.elizabethfrediani.com


Stephen McLean DC – Light Works ~ A Place to Heal. Dr. McLean prefers a gentle chiropractic approach he calls Observational Healing. He uses a process of unfolding; assisting the body to release in as gentle and effective a manner as possible. “I found my session to be one that totally allowed my body, mind and spirit to flow easily from release to integration to a real sense of wholeness!” Llynya



Linda Riley, MA LMFT, Certified Heart – Centered Hypnotherapist, Channel for the Council of the Wise. Services are offered on a sliding scale fee. Individuals and couples are welcome. “Linda provides a safe environment for people to come into connection with the wholeness of who they really are.”Llynya



Nancy L. Fox – Energetic Healer, Intuitive Psychic, Spiritual Coach also offering Group and Individual sessions with Sacred Sam-U-El – “A contemporary Conscious Citrine Crystal Skull with a collective consciousness of ancient wisdom light beings dedicated to healing hearts and manifesting dreams.”

410-363-3870, spiritsense@verizon.net, www.myspiritsense.com


Trinity S. Thomas – Oracle, Soul Advocacy, Sound Shaman – Sessions & Workshops – “Trinity is a true wonder – her services as an Oracle and Sound Shaman are trans-formative!” Llynya

www.TrinitySThomas.com, Trinity@InnerOracle.com


Elizabeth Patric – Spirit Water Gardens – Flower, Gem and Vibrational Essence Collections – “The Mary Essences” –  “Fleuressences” – ”Galactic Grace Essences” – “I find these essences to be of the highest vibrations, full of love and grace and always expanding in awareness. Take a moment to explore the possibilities and connect with Elizabeth and her deep connection to the devas from many realms!” Llynya

www.spiritwatergardens.com, info@spiritwatergardens.com


Earth Sanctuary – Located on Whidbey Island, not far from Llynya’s, the Earth Sanctuary combines ecology with art and spirit to create a sanctuary for birds and wildlife and a peaceful place for personal renewal and spiritual connection. As you wander the grounds you will discover stone circles, a labyrinth, a dolmen and other expressions of sacred art. There is also a retreat house available to rent. “A magical place to experience the sacred in all things and to experience that sacred space within!” Llynya



Alita Tahimic – Quantum Touch practitioner and instructor. “Alita offers a beautiful natural energy to the healing energy of Quantum Touch both as an energy healer and as an instructor. If you get a chance to experience this method of natural healing with Alita you will receive a wonderful experience.” Llynya

www.quantumtouch.com, littlewingopeace@gmail.com, 316-727-1676


The “Art” of Spirit Comes in many

Delicious forms and shapes!








These amazing people and companies offer healing and grace through their art and commitment to creating and sharing offerings of beauty and integrity! They have all inspired me and will be a delight to you.


Kristin Ford – Jewelry with Meaning – “This is jewelry crafted from the heart to your heart! I feel full of beauty and grace as I wear it. It is truly the sacred in form!” Llynya

206-380-2700, jewelry@kristinford.com, www.kristinford.com


Amy Brown – Fairy Artist and Author – “Amy is one of our treasures! Her art awakens magic within all of us. It is with her generous permission that her painting “Water Lily” graces the pages of my website and the entrance to my shop. It inspires my spirit each day.” Llynya



Mary Saint-Marie – Art of the Soul – Artist, Soul Remembering, The Holy Sight Workshops –“ Mary is a visionary artist who embodies the qualities of Holy Sight in her art, personal soul remembering sessions and workshops. The beauty of soul unfolds gently around her!” Llynya



Diane DeBaun – DeBaun Fine Ceramics – Original Raku Fired Ceramic Art – “Diane creates beautiful art for the home and spirit!” Llynya



Sofia Christine – Art of Devotion – Altars, Icons and Jewelry – “I love Sofia’s original icons. They bring the sacred to life!” Llynya



Christina Miller – Icon Fusion – Modern Mystical Icons – “Christina brings the mystery to life with her original icons.” Llynya



Sweet Sisters – the Art of Healthy Body Care – “At Sweet Sisters Bodycare we create beautiful, healthy and meaningful preparations that feel wonderful, smell amazing and give your skin and hair outstanding transformational results.” “Karen’s lovely creations are made right here on Whidbey Island and bring grace and ease to body and soul!” Llynya



Timbuktu Java Bar & Gallery – “This is a delightful spot to enjoy good coffee, great eats and a welcoming atmosphere. Lauryn and Chris have created a place that nourishes you body and soul.” Llynya

Located at 18205 State Route 525, Freeland, WA 98249 on Whidbey Island. 360-331-1504


Raven Rocks Gallery – Owners Mary Jo Oxrieder and Windwalker Taibi offer their own wide range of art to move, touch and inspire. They also showcase local artists who fit the whimsical and inspirational nature of their space. “Windwalker and Mary Jo bring heart and spirit to everything!” Llynya

Location: Greenbank Farm, Whidbey Island, www.ravenrocksgallery.com


Goblin Market ~ Faeries, Witches and Magical Figures – Ellen and Angelica live right here on Whidbey Island. Ellen creates magical Faeries, witches and other beings completely by hand. Ellen said – “A glint of golden light, a whispery rush of wings and visions of fae folk began to appear.” Each faery is one of a kind and custom faeries are made upon request. Visit these beings at Llynya’s or at their etsy shop. “Ellen’s magical vision brings enchantment to life!” Llynya



Francis Prachthauser – Handmade Bronze – Jewelry, Dragons, Masks & More – “The sun catchers bring delight and magic to the home.” Llynya



Mary Anne Radmacher – Author, Artist, Word Smith & Poet, Workshops

“Mary Anne is a wonder with words, images, color and inspirations for the spirit. Look for her art and writings in books, cards, calendars, journals, gifts and original prints. Her voice is from the heart and soul of all of us!” Llynya

Maryanneradmacher10@me.com, www.maryanneradmacher.net


Joe Hurley – The Divine Heart – Inspiration author and healer – Joe’s offering is “…about opening to your divine heart, expanding into the divine wisdom of higher consciousness, and experiencing the divine state of pure unconditional love. He is a true angelic grace offering wisdom from the heart and soul of his experience.” Llynya



Shiloh Sophia – Artist, teacher, poet, visionary – “Shiloh is a wonder of a woman whose art, words and vision inspire us to find our own voices.” Llynya



Helena Nelson-Reed – Artist & visionary – “Helena’s paintings give voice and texture to the mythic nature all around us. Her art invites you to expand your awareness into the many worlds connected to our own.” Llynya



Katheryn Trenshaw – Inspirational artist, writer, teacher – “Katheryn’s paintings and her Passionate Presence Center are invitations for each of us to embrace life and the passions of our heart.” Llynya



Deborah Koff- Chapin – Drawing Out Your Soul, Touchdrawing, Artist, Author, Workshops – “Let Deborah guide you on a journey to create your own magic and art!” Llynya



Montgomery Crystal Co 2 – Fine Rock Crystals – “Beautiful crystals full of the magic of the earth.”Llynya 



WillowZen – Reiki Master, Crystal Healing Therapy, Exceptional Crystal & Mineral Items – “The crystals share the magic of their voices with WillowZen. You will love hearing what they have to say.” Llynya



Crystal Pillars – One amazing crystal shop on Etsy. “There are special crystals in this shop and the owner always surprises you with special crystal gifts when you order. Some of my crystals friends have come from here!” Llynya



Sweet Mona’s Chocolate Boutique – “We Sweeten the World” – “I hope you visit Mona and experience the bliss and love she offers through her vision and her chocolates!” Llynya

360-221-2728, www.sweetmonas.com  


Nature’s Essence – Accessories for the Home and Bath – “Great candles that I have offered for years. Where ever you find them they will bring peace through scent into your home.” Llynya



Wellstone Jewelry – Wellstone presents symbolic, metaphysical and new age jewelry collections in a variety of themes including goddess, tarot, fantasy, angel, celtic, totem, pregnancy and birthing. Designs are crafted in sterling silver, 14K gold and most incorporate beautiful gems. “Wellstone has unusual, thoughtful and beautiful designs with something that speaks to everones heart.” Llynya

www.wellstonejewelry.com, wellstone@wellstonejewelry.com  


Whidbey Island Holistic Health Association – “A great way to connect to holistic healers on Whidbey Island. Be sure to check out local community classes.” Llynya

wihhamail@gmail.com, www.wihha.com