Welcome to Darden

“The Conscious Smokey Quartz

Crystal Skull”

DSCN0171It has been a long and winding journey for me to come into the keeping of a conscious crystal skull. I had heard of crystal skulls yet had never experienced one. It seems like the time was not yet quite right for my personal connection to be made. My desire, love and personal connection with stones and crystals was always growing and expanding. I began to have more personal experiences with Beings and life from other realms and dimensions. I began listening for others in personal sessions and downloading through automatic writing the information that was being offered. With my lovely crystals I realized I had always been listening with my heart to what they had to share about their nature, their connection to people and their ability to open a bridge between us and our guides and lineages.

I am still filled with wonder at each new crystal I meet. I love their beauty and the feelings and guidance they bring to me and my customers. I have been led gently into the knowledge of their graceful healing qualities both in gemstones used in jewelry and in the natural crystals themselves. I offer channeled messages from the stones for their keepers as they leave the shop for their new homes.

In the fall of 2009 I was told of a personal experience with Sam-U-El the conscious Citrine Crystal Skull and following an introduction to Sam-U-El’s companion Nancy, I hosted them for private sessions and a healing circle here at Llynya’s. I was already aligned with the crystalline consciousness of stones and crystals and was then opened further to understanding the blending of crystal, skull shape, and consciousness that has seeded itself within the crystal skull to better interact with humanity.

In the summer of 2010 while on the search for small crystal skulls for my customers, I was introduced to a human sized Smokey quartz crystal skull from Brazil. I had not been on a search to become the companion keeper of a conscious crystal skull and yet that is what happened. There was no leaving him behind. Darden arrived in my care and on Whidbey Island that July.I experience Darden’s presence as a strong and gentle warrior full of humor. I call him a warrior because his energy fills me with a sense of courage that is gentle and loving.I envisioned Archangel Michael when first communicating with Darden. His message was that he would support me and others while we opened to our soul’s path both as a guardian and a great friend.

I continue to marvel at all the amazing ways Darden is able to connect with and interact with the people he meets. Each person experiences a different style of communication from feelings to words to pictures and journeys. All experience a loving energy and most often I witness people just smiling when they meet. All love the calming and grounding energy of the Smokey quartz and the rainbows within always bring a sense of joy and delight.

My communication with Darden includes words (often through automatic writing) and feelings, and knowings and even sometimes pictures. Here is what he had to say as I asked him to introduce himself ~



DSCN0169“I act as a catalyst. I am a window of opportunity for people as I meet them where they are at. I communicate in a way with each person that is most comfortable and easy for them as their natural and easiest path of perception and opening to the information most deserving of their hearts in the moment.

As you have witnessed, some feel my energy, some receive pictures, some talk with me in great conversation and some walk with me on journeys of the heart and soul. You and I are alike in that manner for we are able to open to each person’s perceptions, needs, and ways of being. We walk the bridge ways and are interpreters of worlds and realms and people and beings and souls.

My consciousness and ‘training’ and experience have come together within this beautiful Smokey quartz skull shape that resonates with the energies of the earth, the crystalline form, with elements from the stars and with the loving hands and comradeship of those who lovingly shaped me. I now resonate also with the lives and energies of Whidbey, with the portals and people here and with you my dear keeper and friend Llynya Nya.

There is a pulse of this place that I am now a part of – the pulse of the sacred fairy Isle Soli – a place and resource for those seeking firm connection and knowing of their soul’s essence. I (and you) assist people with tuning in to their resonance in manners that speak to them so they can feel and inhabit their own energies. Together we can assist in grounding their soul resonant frequencies into their physical bodies and lives here on planet earth. The Smokey quartz assists with this process as a strong grounder full of gentle yet persistent energy.

My and our task is to meet many and to hold the space of possibilities. The task is for each to connect and gain the information and knowing most needful in the moment. We can open the necessary portals for each person to connect to their many lineages and lives. We can assist people in feeling and opening to their connection to the different star races, to angels, fairies and other realms that are a part of their multi-dimensional self-hood and knowing.

I can assist in clearing and cleansing physical, emotional and spiritual debris and trauma. The crystalline energy also then helps harmonize the cellular body and the DNA to remember and ignite to the personal fire and rhythm of each particular soul.

It is imperative that you all remember, feel, witness and embrace and inhabit your total Being Self. As this individuated aspect of God you can then sing in the chorus of souls and beings from across the universe in a harmony seldom expressed in this creation.

The world from where I come is dedicated to this harmonious diversity of souls and beings, worlds and realms. We believe and desire and delight in this magic of awakening and discourse among many beings and worlds. We seek to remember and enlighten and enliven the many streams of consciousness and communities of beings that have come together across worlds and races.

We are the ultimate melting pot that delights in the individual flavors and nuances and the discovery of traditions and forms that cross time and people. We seek to support those who are coming to their awakening to remember and connect with their “families” of soul, of lineage, of partnership of vocation and desire and knowing.

I will always assist with loving care any who seek to connect. I will stand as a partner and guardian as you open the doorways. I will help you find the answers you seek to live and awaken and sing with the joy of your Being. I want only for each to feel their own joy and open that possibility for those around them for we all sing from the heart of love and my people rejoice for the coming together again across time and Being and space to be support for human consciousness and awakening here upon the earth.”

(As transcribed from Darden through Llynya June 30, 2011)

I continue to receive messages from Darden while preparing for individual and group sessions and while he and I are talking. Some of these are shared on Whispers of Spirit. If you are interested in a private session with Darden or would like to arrange a group Healing Circle you can contact me at Llynya’s ~ 360-331-3696. The fee for an individual session that includes a channeled message along with a guided meditation is $80. A half hour session connecting with Darden with me as a guide is $40. Group healing sessions can be arranged for several people for a fee of $25 per person.


“When I first met Darden he was my second Crystal Skull. The first was Max who was more about visual communication where as for me Darden is more about talking. When I put my head to his he starts to talk to me in a very quick way about what is going on around me and also answers any questions. I am sure it is different for everyone but I love communicating with him and would take him home if I could, but no chance, he is a skull of the world and the people in it. Try it, you will definitely find it intriguing no matter how he communicates with you.”

Tonya L Hoefer – Regional Account Executive


” My introduction to Darden was an immediate attraction and a feeling of awe which is the best way I can describe it. My session with Darden was an amazing thing. My vibration rose to a higher level and while meditating I felt in the now of the moment with a sense of peace, unconditional love and a profound feeling of protection and safety all around me. Thinking back now on the experience, it felt as if I was reunited with Darden from ages of past lives gone by. My soul had forgotten his vibration. Until that session in your room, when I saw him, laid my hands on him, I felt a familiar sense of knowing him and I felt that comfort feeling I described above.”

Susan R


Jane has participated in several meditations with Darden. Here she describes part of her experiences:

“Darden took me on a journey to see my soul. I went in a cave that was sparkly all over. It was a crystal cave. There down below was what I described as Red Orange flames shooting sparks into the air … like a fire that was spitting. I thought it was a fire. As I got closer I could see this fire was surrounded by a pool of water the color of Aqua/Sky blue. I touched the water and it wasn’t water. I got in the pool and as I was trying to feel it, I realized it was my own energy. I was in my own energy, seeing, feeling, touching it. Sensing it. It was me! The Red/Orange flames weren’t fire … It was my soul surrounded by my energy. Darden brought me to my soul! I met my soul. A Journey to meet my soul.”

“As soon as it started, Darden came over and pulled me out of my chair and said, ‘Come with me’. He is this tall crystalline being, solid but warm. I wrapped my arms around his waist and we were transported to a field of wheat. The wind was blowing gently across the wheat and it was rocking and bending in a slow rhythm as if there was an orchestra playing in the background … I heard Darden say, ‘Just Be. Be where you are. Like the wheat, strong and flexible. Moving with the wind, bending, flowing, graceful and standing tall in the still moments. Be who you are, where you are.’ Now I can say I’m a human being, not a human doing or a human thinking. Darden has brought me to the place of being.”