Dragon Wisdom ~ Songs of Power



DSCN0194Words flow to me from many realms and beings as well as from my own sprititual heritage and lineages. When I open to a question or to specific beings such as the angels, fairies or dragons, I listen with heart and mind as images, words and feelings flow. These “channelings” and personal musings come through a process known as automatic writing. Many people have developed this skill as a way to “listen” to their own knowing and intuition as well as to communicate with guides and lineages of information.

Dragon Wisdom ~ Songs of Power is my personal blog for sharing this range of information, ideas and inspirations. Your can read and sign up for my blog at www.llynyas.wordpress.com .  I call my blog Dragon Wisdom because it is wisdom that flows from the Heart as well as from the strength of my heritage. My heritage includes the many lineages, spiritual traditions and life experiences that I continue to explore and discover. It includes my relationships with people and with other realms such as Fairy, Angel, Dragon, Crystals, and Darden the Conscious Smokey Quartz Crystal Skull.

Inspirations to explore more deeply can come from many avenues. It may be a question from a friend, a session for a client, a “magical” thought, a great movie or from a book I have been reading. One such topic has emerged in my life over and over again. How we “shape shift” is a process of both daily transformation as well as deep spiritual transformation. In one book there is a description of how it feels to Shape Shift. This helped me immerse myself into what has always been an interest and a passion for me. How does one discover what it means to shape shift? It is described in many books. It is spoken of in Shamanic stories by many cultures around the world. I have had dreams where I have “felt” this experience. Changing forms can be dramatic and it can be subtle.

This particular description focused on the moment of transformation. There is a moment – a still point of the soul – where one lets go of the shape/form/person to enable the new shape/form/being to emerge. I felt a deep stirring in my soul. How perfect is this to help us understand the process of shape shifting that occurs every moment? To Become we must be willing to let go each moment of how we see ourselves. If we hold on we can become mired in old patterns. Change, experience and emergence is the flow of life. It allows us to gently shed one form into the next emerging constantly into the wholeness of our graceful Being.

Songs of Power reminds me that as I explore and embrace who I am, then I become more empowered and centered within my True Self. I believe that this relationship with mySelf is always expanding and that as we all open to knowing and trusting the heart of each of us then this energy of expanded awareness is more available to all of humanity. I offer my words and questions and impressions and feelings as gateways to your own questions, impressions, feelings and gateways. Whatever resonates and makes sense is your opportunity to create a path to learning and exploration.

So, I invite you to read and listen to the stories that begin to unfold from your heart. Take a moment to reflect and feel what “sparks” your imagination and desire. Rest in the wonder of your own journey!