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Each month Llynya’s sponsors a regular schedule of readers, healers, and teachers who are available on an ongoing basis during the month. These services are available by appointment and drop-in when the reader is scheduled on a specific day in the shop. Some are available by appointment during other days and times and this can be arranged directly with Llynya’s at 360-331-3696 or by contacting the reader/healer directly. Classes and special events are also on the monthly calendar schedule. Drop-ins are always welcome unless the class requires advance registration and/or has a limited registration. Please call the shop for any questions about attending one of our events. More details about events and the readers are available at the shop including flyers and brochures. Detailed information about our regular readers and their special focus and expertise is available here. You are welcome to call or email them directly to discuss their work and availability.


Events and Services

The people, classes and events at Llynya’s bring together the magic of many voices, ideas and traditions. My hope is that they all share an inspiration for the spirit and a way to gather information for the self that is empowering, en-Lightening, and fun. We live in a time when there is so much information and many people questing for a deeper understanding in their lives. We all want to shake loose the old patterns, doubts and fears. We all want to inhale deeply of our own spiritual nature, unique talents, and gifts. There are many ways to open to our own wisdom. Each person must tap the passions and desires within their heart. From this place and the connections to people and ideas our own insight deepens and allows each of us to bloom.

Each month’s calendar has both the schedule of regular readers and healers and news of classes, meditations and special events such as book signings and introductory evenings designed around specific services available to the community. More detailed information about the classes and individual healers including their approach and philosophy is available at the shop. Some events are introductory and most are experiential. We explore new opportunities for self-growth, general well-being and new skills that support the individual’s unique path of spirit.

The following people are available on a regular basis at Llynya’s. All are available by appointment and on scheduled days at the shop drop-ins are welcome. You can call the shop to schedule an appointment at 360-331-3696. You are also welcome to contact the individuals directly to gather more information about their services.

The monthly schedule is available on the Calendar Page and also printed copies are available at Llynya’s. You can contact the shop at 360-331-3696 or come by to request receiving monthly updates regarding events, services and new gifts via email.


~ Services available through Llynya’s ~

SoulLight ~ Llynya

DSCN0049Each session is a process designed for you to experience your soul’s gifts and essence. This “wholeness” I see as a SoulLight that each of us has our own unique connection to. We each have a special story that is our’s alone. Our story expresses itself around us in each moment with our choices, desires and longings. It happens with our natural affinity for certain people, places and things. It happens through those ideas we love to explore like astrology, cultures, angels, fairies and even sporting events. 

SoulLight sessions are a combination of guided visualization using a crystal singing bowl, consultation, channeled messages from your personal guides and often energy healing through Reiki and other energy flows that I am guided to open to. These energies are a blend of healing light that supports your alignment and integration with the vibrations of your own soul’s light and essence. Sessions can be designed to focus on specific needs such as relaxation or gaining insight into a particular life event. Often we explore lineages that are a part of your spiritual heritage. Your personal guides are always present and sometimes offer personal messages of support and guidance.

I am a Reiki Master, SHES Minister and Master of Social Work. In addition to Reiki I also offer my personal healing lineages that infuse and inform all of my sessions.Blue Orb crystalline energy is an energy of Divine Grace that supports the soul’s alignment with our life in the physical. The energy of Starlight flows from my Fairy and Star Lineages and also supports ease of release of old patterns allowing integration of the new alignment of your personal energy.  The energy of fire as a transformer flows through the Dragon and ignites your own inner fire and heart passions. The Divine Feminine through Mary Magdalena cradles the wholeness at the essence of each of us. All my work flows from my Soul Lineages – a stream of awareness that is ever evolving for me and which brings an expanded flow of Healing Light to each session. 

If you are interested in a session, please make an appointment through the shop at 360-331-3696. Session fees are $1 per minute. We can do a Reiki session for $30 which is at least a half hour and may include the use of a singing crystal bowl. Longer sessions with a channeled message and a guided meditation are $60.

“May the Wind Blow Gently through your Soul to Awaken the Magic within!”

Crystal Skull Sessions ~ Llynya and Darden

DSCN0167Darden is a conscious Smokey quartz crystal Skull. Llynya leads circles to experience and connect with his healing energy and consciousness. These circles include guided meditations and an exploration of crystalline consciousness. We are also exploring the use of the crystal skull  for connection to human wisdom and one’s personal soul path. Llynya also facilitates individual private sessions with Darden by appointment. These sessions bring a gentle and supportive energy which opens the doors of your consciousness for personal insight. People report many different types of experiences including energy shifts and visions of insight and clarity. Private Sessions are $80. Group sessions can be arranged for $25 per person.


Intuitives LeDeux ~ Tonya Michele

Tonya provides Intuitive Guidance and counseling as a clairaudient and clairvoyant. Tonya uses her connection to her guides and yours in each session by having a discussion with your guides. She listens to them and writes their answers through automatic writing on paper for you to take with you at the end of the session. Questions can cover health, relationships, finances as well as messages from your loved ones.Tonya is also proficient with the use of a pendulum for receiving information. She can be contacted directly by phone (425-802-5084) or through Llynya’s. Fees are $30 per 1/2 hour, $60 per hour.


Spiritual Dimensions ~ Roni MacGrigor

Roni is available for Tarot and Psychic Readings. Roni is clairaudient and clairvoyant. Her tarot readings include commuication with your guides, angels and masters. She is also a Reiki Master and is available for Reiki sessions and energy clearings for your body and home. Readings can be recorded. She is available at Llynya’s for tarot readings and energy healing sessions and can also do phone sessions for established clients. (360-678-4506) Fees are $1 per minute. 


Astrology/Numerology ~ Nancy Robert

Nancy is available for private astrology and numerology sessions. “By now most of us are familiar with the term “mind/body/soul” and understand that there is a connection between them. Yet understanding and making that connection can sometimes be more difficult. There are many ways, of course, to develop and evolve each part of our Being. Astrology and numerology are helpful tools in understanding your soul being. They are ancient practices put to modern use.” Astrology/Numerology sessions are available by appointment and require specific information prior to the session. Session fee: $60 (nrobert@whidbey.com)


Psychic Reading/Energy Healing Sessions ~ Nancy Robert

Nancy is available for private Psychic Readings/Energy Healing sessions. “There are parts of ourselves that we cannot see. However, we still feel their impact, often profoundly. A psychic reading is an examination of your energy centers (chakras) and your auric field. These readings are typically accompanied by healing activities such as removing energy cords, naming energy blocks, or just plain helping to see and validate your evolutionary process.” The sessions are taped for your future reference. Sessions are available by appointment. Session: $35, $60 (nrobert@whidbey.com


Voice for Love ~ Melinda Mack

Voice for Love sessions provide a voice for the divine love of the Holy Spirit to speak directly to you. In each session you are able to request information about specific questions you may have as well as you will receive a message just for your from the Holy Spirit. Sessions are available by appointment and are approximately 50 minutes – fee is $65. melinda@whidbey.com 


Reconnective Healing, Star Talk, Ancient & Future Lineages ~ Sandra Rodman

Sandra Rodman is a teacher, healer, author and composer whose home is on Whidbey Island. She is the creator of Right Brain Aerobics and Parallel Universe Programs for personal Transformation, Ancient & Future Lineage Paths, Readings and Classes (Star Talk: Preparing for Interplanetary Communication), and author of “The Gift: A Sensual Journey Into Personal Alchemy” by Diana Rose (pseudonym) and other books. She offers Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection created by Dr. Eric Pearl – www.thereconnection.com – and other programs and books at Llynya’s including personal readings and healing. She has decades in meditation, intuition and healing practices, coaching and career/business innovation. Private Healing sessions of 30 minutes are $30 and The Reconnection itself is $333.To learn more go to www.parallel-universe.us 

Sandra is also available for automatic writing message sessions. A most unusual inter-dimensional offering involving inter-dimensional messages crossing time and space. Not a typical “reading”. Unusual events can occur. Call Sandra at 425-214-2926 for a preliminary conversation re: goals and scheduling. Your Automatic Writing/Reading/Healing Message is received a day before your appointment, then discussed during your session the following day. Sessions may be scheduled for any day and are typically 90-120 minutes at $1 per minute. Includes new material received during sessions and meditation materials to increase your own ability to tap similar automatic writing.