“May the Wind Blow Gently through your Soul

to Awaken the Magic Within!”



DSCN0235SOULLIGHT sessions are a beautiful dance with each person, the higher self, guides, and lineages along with the guidance I am given from spirit. The flow of energy supports the release of old patterns, insight into the expression of your soul, deep restorative relaxation and alignment with your own soul’s energy. I have for years been mentoring/guiding people who come to me at the shop sharing their stories. Many are experiencing an awareness of their expanded spiritual presence along with a desire to connect more deeply with the intimate knowing of their soul’s gifts. These conversations share a common yearning to explore the soul’s natural essence in order to make it a part of our every day consciousness. We long to feel authentic with our gifts and to feel comfortable with our Selves. Being a natural empath and intuitive has allowed me the rare opportunity to witness much beauty unfold around me through the wonderful people who share these stories. SoulLight sessions are a sacred space where your stories can go deeper and bloom into a clearer expression of your heart and soul’s awareness.

I have had an amazing life journey that has woven together many spiritual and healing traditions. From my years immersed in the delight of experiencing other world cultures as I studied anthropology I began my appreciation of the wonderful diversity and spiritual perspectives of humanity. As I worked as a social worker I was a part of the dialog that supported communication and understanding among and between family members and other professionals in the health care system. My wonder at how other cultures and each of us has unique ways of experiencing life gradually led me to the exploration of differing spiritual traditions. I have been able to understand myself better through these experiences. Each step opened me to a wider world of spiritual and personal knowledge that I now offer to others through Llynya’s and through my individual and group sessions. The parts of myself that I have discovered I call soul lineages.

Water LilyLineages are the special array of gifts and talents and natural tendencies that we all have that I believe are aspects in this life time from our Soul. I have several lineages which I weave together when I am working with you in a session or consultation. My energy incorporates my soul aspects of Fairy, Dragon, Crystal, Star Light Beings and an ancient line of Oracle Priestesses as well as my natural gifts, beliefs and perspectives. I am an Oracle Guide who listens to your own story in order to allow it space in your awareness. My spiritual lineages encompass many traditions and I have found a personal path that reaches deeply into the Sacred Feminine of the Magdalena.  It is from this place of awareness that I open and hold a sacred space for others that allows them to access the lineages, traditions and soul experiences that are unique to each person. I “see” and experience your soul as a multi-dimensional woven tapestry of light that expresses all that you are. Each soul has streams of awareness that translate into the unique gifts and perspectives that are yours alone.The journey in each session is as diverse and unique as you are. 

Each SoulLight session is a process for exploring this awareness and wisdom that is natural to you. Each session is designed according to where your inner guidance and my intuition as an Oracle want us to go together. Sessions include energy alignments through Reiki, Blue Orb Crystal energy and the Star Light flows channeled through my Elven heritage. Messages are channeled from your guides and higher Self. All come together with guided meditations and sacred journey work. Sound is used to support each session and the guided meditations are accompanied with a crystal singing bowl. Essential oils may also be used to support your experience. Each moment is a sacred anointing of the precious being your are. 

We are all connected to our own family, social and spiritual traditions. During this time of a shifting in human consciousness I find that each person has a soul calling that wants a voice and a way to dialog with each of us as we open to our authentic self, purpose and passion. You each have a unique expression of your soul lineages. In a session I open a safe sacred space for guidance and for your exploration of these lineages and gifts. We open a soul dialog in a language that is yours alone.

SoulLight is how I perceive your soul’s essence. I sense it as a gentle golden light that centers in the heart chakra. It is always present and only asks that we listen and open, allowing its presence to inform and support our lives each day. Crystals are used within each session to support the vibrations and energy of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. As old vibrations and life patterns shift and release you can get in touch with and bring present more of your authentic self. My goal is to support your own connections and intuitive knowing. It is through personal experience that you find more expression and understanding of your own soul’s nature.

I can assist you with developing your own relaxation and meditation techniques. Sessions are available for deep relaxation through Reiki and other energetic flows during times of increased stress. Blue Orb energy and Star Light energy assist in the alignment of your personal energy and integration with your authentic self. We can explore your lineages and connections to the Divine by connecting to personal guides.  We can explore your connection to other realms of consciousness. We can create a method to express your soul’s voice such as creating a soul collage, a personal medicine bundle or an altar that brings focus to your visioning. We can take a precious moment to find a center of personal peace while expanding and basking in your own soul’s light.

I am available to assist with creating your own ceremony or ritual. Perhaps you want to cleanse your home or land. Perhaps you want to celebrate with a blessing ceremony a new birth, new home, new relationship or a transformation within yourself. Rituals are meant to be a loving and living process that are created to be just right for you in the moment. They are expressions of your Self in relationship to the life and people around you. It is time that we remember to honor ourselves and others in holy ways that are also fun and that follow the patterns of our hearts.

You are always the master of your life path. Any guidance given is for you to assess as it fits for you. Changes and opportunities are your choice in each moment. How does any guidance feel to you? You will know when a session or class or book or idea feels life affirming for you. Self empowerment is when you make something your own and you trust your intuitive wisdom and guidance with support from others you choose to be in your life. It is a marvelous walk we take in this life time so have fun and explore and remember to honor your life experience!


If you are interested in a SoulLight session call me at Llynya’s, 360-331-3696 for more information. You can also schedule personal sessions with Darden the conscious Smokey Quartz Crystal Skull. Darden’s energy and perspective support the Soul’s quest for insight and awakening. You are welcome to bring your own personal healing crystals and sacred objects. They will support the new energy resonance that you are creating and can bring focus and intent to your personal journey. Readings can also be done with your personal crystals as this can bring insight through the stories they share about your journey together. SoulLight sessions are $60. Personal sessions with Darden the crystal skull are $80. Group sessions with Darden are $25 per person. Crystal readings are $40. Soul Journey sessions are a longer guided meditation experience – perhaps 2-3 hours. In this time together I guide you through a journey designed for you to gather images, information and guidance. This guided journey will give you the opportunity explore and begin to create your own vision of what you most want to create in your life. The fee of these sessions are $100.

Llynya Nya Carey

 Testimonials ~

DSCN0197“Llynya’s ability to hold a clear and powerful space is incredible. Some of my most intense and deep spiritual experiences have occurred during guided meditations with Llynya. She also has a gentleness that soothes and comforts your Soul”

Elizabeth Saenz – Reiki Master/Teacher and Fairy Channel


“I knew when I met Llynya that she was a rare “True One” from the ancient ways, patiently contributing her presence in this Shift of the Ages. I asked her for a reading. I didn’t have specific questions; I just trusted her to bring through what I needed to hear. She surprised me by telling me I was connecting to the Goddess archetype, but would be well served by reaching higher, going deeper, and really letting myself embrace this part of me. She brought through a particular Goddess archetype, very powerful, who she said was calling to me. As she spoke, I could FEEL that ancient part of me relax, and I began to tremble, then to cry. I have been in communion with the Goddess since that day, with all the magical synchronicities so dear to my heart, the tangible ‘proof’ in my 3D world that she walks me with, that magic is real, that I am worthy, and it is time, now. Llynya’s own embodiment and radiance held open a door for my soul to walk through. And she anchored it with her beautiful and transporting crystal bowl! Give yourself the gift of her!”

Trinity Thomas, Oracle & Sound Healer,


“My wife recommended Llynya so highly that when I was on Whidbey Island for a day recently, I made an appointment for a reading. It was one of the single most empowering readings I have ever received. She even had me practice being in my newly powerful self. She called out a part of me I have done a great job of hiding from my corporate persona and life! And perhaps most importantly, she helped me see that it is really time for me to be myself, and that being myself, in all my oddness is a great thing. Her energy helped me be calm and confident enough to embrace the truths she shared. Thank you Llynya!” 

Bill Thomas, West Coast Industrial Sales Manager


“With a quiet ‘touch’ I felt Llynya connect with my energy and begin to clear away the stress I’d been carrying since my father died a month ago. I was aware of the jangled places within me smoothing out, one at a time. A gentle peace flowed though me, as balance was restored. I highly recommend the Blue Orb Healing Llynya does so beautifully.”

Linda Riley, MA LMFT